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I'm bored at school, so I think I'll post some quotes in an attempt to keep the community alive~! =D

... Sadako-chan, putting up pictures of horribly disfigured people is not considered a response. *disproving look* - Dyta, here

sadako says your computer is possessed by windows~~

sadako recomends that you install linux. - Sadako, here

Don't bother to call, I'm a teacher- we're to poor to have cellphones. - Zelgadiss, here.

And of course, there's all the Ed drama... Let's see how many of the rumors I can round up. =D

.....but then, I wouldn't be a very good demon if i didn't help with the mayhem, so here's a rumor: He wanted to move to China so he sold himself as a mail-order bride. I'm sure you'll all join me in hoping he's very happy. - Crowley

Nii-sama, did Ed-san really go away to join a Chinese acrobtic group? He didn't die, right? - Mokuba

...Why did Edward-san go to Las Vegas start his own boy band? o_o; - Momiji

For you see... he left like he did because he decided to pursue a new career with the circus. He is one short motherfucker, so he will now be featured amongst a troupe of acrobatic midgets who can juggle each other. Itachi says I'm full of shit, but it's true no matter how you see it. And it's always entertaining and big money to be a midget these days. I mean, look at "Wee Man" from Jackass.

In any case... showbusiness is tough, so I hope he makes it okay. Come back home if it gets too rough. Or if you end up doing midget porn because you need the money for crack. - Sasuke

u_u People are saying Sex Ed stopped moving. But he posted on Livejournal, and someone else said he's alive and he's running a teddy bear cult called the Branch Davidians...? Chii is confused. - Chii

What? Elric's gone? That's funny. Betcha he's run off with Graywords. - Yusuke

Everyone's theories on what happened to Edward are wrong, I'm afraid.

Edward really WENT TO MEET FUNNY BUNNY~!!!!! ^_____^ Yes~! Oh, I wish I could go too! - Pegasus

So, Edward ran off to New York so he could go be a male prostitute, huh? That's too bad, he would have gotten a lot of business here. - Arachne

Is it true that small blonde guy Ed became a Pokémon Master!?!
Cos I also heard he won the lottery and ran away!
And that he was abducted by alien dolphins... :/ - May

hmmmm, i heard that this ed guy ate the chibi chibi fruit and went off to find the grand line!!!1 :O hes so small even a MICEROSKOP can't find him!! thats SOOOOOOOOO KOOOOOOOOOOOOL *_____*

hey! im gona go find him and make him into my nakama! :D - Luffy

about that ed kid. see, he bought some drugs from a bud of mine. the cops came and a couple of my buds shot at them. ed ran because he knew hed be arrested for it,and now hes taking a bus to mexico hoping to start anew.

my bud said ed was there. not sure if thats true but the rest is. >.> one of the guys who got shot by the police during all of this owes me like $100. it sucks. - Katou

These rumors are all very amusing~ Especially the one about the lab, and the explosions, and the llama.
Ed probably doesn't find them very funny, though. - Axel

Someone told me that he left to go on a journey to find the Fountain of Youth. ...I'm not really sure why he would want to, but hey, to each their own I suppose. o_O; - Kyou

I know what happened to Ed.

I ate him. - Albedo

Carrie's awesome story

Apparently, that Edward Elric person disappeared... or... something. I wouldn't believe what you're hearing, though. Those are rumors, and you know what? Rumors are stupid.

...which is why I COMPLETELY don't believe that he ran off to start the Teddy Bear cult before I could! - Rebecca

i herd taht ed left to becom a pokimon mastre. lol kool i wana batl him. - Ash

Apparently one of the students was murdered. A mr......Edward Elric. - Itachi

Okay. If some weirdo tries to give you an Angel Sanctuary CD, don't take it. Seriously. People have been burning the damn things like crazy and a bunch of people got arrested for it or some shit.

In fact, THAT'S what really happened to Edo. He got arrested because people traced some of those CDs back to him. Do you want to get arrested and disappear? Then don't be a fucktard and don't take things from creeps. - Kira

god ur all wrong.

r u all relly that stupid? eds gone. eds dad is gone. wat do u THINK happened????

DUH. there off having hot mansex!!!! >OOOO fuckin morons!!! - Random NPC

ok ed didnt kill hisself. whoever sed that was teh stoopid.

he ran away to find winry so he could elope with her!!!11 duh!!!! now there gonna get married and have ten kids!!! how romantic. :) - Random NPC

OMG u guyz I no why Ed disapeered! :O

He kiled himself. ;_; It's true! Teh lunch lady said so! - Random NPC
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