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Kickin' it old school

Because it looked like no one else was going to make this comm's inaugural post, I dug up the old quotebook posts. :O *nostalgia*

Keely's quotebook post, part 1
Keely's quotebook post, part 2
Axel and Laxchine Ah, the good old days when I only had two characters. XDXD

And, for a few slightly newer things:

Bitch, you better not go after another man. *snap snap snap* I worked too hard for some X chromosome to come and eff everything up!11!

..which reminds me. wtf is up with those X chromosomes? Cause you've got like...two of them now or something. - Carrie, here

i didn't notice anything different. except itachi-sensei got a new dress! - Tart, here

I'M SCARING YOU?! I WAKE UP TO HAVE A PAIR OF TITS RUBBING AGAINST MYH BACK, AND I'M THE ONE SCARING YOU?! - Sasori, here. Okay, I'll stop the fem!Itachi quotes now... You guys can post more if you want. XD

Sinsofmyfather: And ow, i still hace marks on my shoulder. >E thanks.
CrimsonAbsol: ;) you didn't seem to mind that the other day
Sinsofmyfather: .......
CrimsonAbsol: always figured you were the kinky type. XD - Envy and Laxchine, here
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